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Now that the reveal is here...

The real work begins!!! Last night we shared our 1st Book Reveal at Little Cub Books, and some other exciting news! If you missed the video, here are the details 😊 Book Title Reveal: “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” will be our first book! Our focus is why we are who we are, this book introduces our bodily names to us in Lingít. Book Type: We shared that our book is more than just a printed book—it will be a push button sound book! Each noun (body part name) will be accompanied by a visual representation, the written word in Lingít orthography, and by pushing a button you will hear the word. Our vision is to create Lingít language books that are experienced visually and audibly! Crowdfunding: Because of the sound component included in the book, this has doubled our manufacture costs (not to mention the battery testing for each book before it can be approved for the U.S. market). Therefore, we will be crowdfunding to earn enough to produce the first printing of the book. We will send these details as soon as our application is approved and we are up and accepting pre-orders and pledges! Fundraiser and Competition: The most exciting part, your child could be featured in our book! Benjamin will be illustrating, and if you pledge a higher amount, your child will secure a place in our book! These will be VERY LIMITED in quantity, with only 6-8 spots available. We will be reserving one spot as a giveaway! As soon as our Kickstarter is up and running, we will host a giveaway to help promote our fundraiser. We’ll have more details this week! We have had folks asking about how to donate now, and we ask that you please wait to pledge. We will have a minimum target amount that we will need to reach in order to continue with our project. If you have donated already, we will put this amount toward the pledge so you may receive a copy of the final book. Things will continue to move fast as we work to develop our book and our company! We will crowdfund for about a month in hopes that we reach our goal! Aatlein gunalchéesh for the support, friends. We do this for all of our babies! And we wouldn't be able to do it without you😊

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