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About Us

Meet the Family!

Little Cub Books, LLC, An Indigenous-Owned Publishing and Printing Company, was created by Amanda Bremner and Benjamin Schleifman with the help of their cubs Tinaa, Daaskawaa and Nathan.

Amanda is Teikhweidi from Yakutat, Alaska. She is a Lingít language learner who studied under Richard and Nora Dauenhauer and Florence Sheakely at the University of Alaska, Southeast. As an Apprentice Lingít Language Learner, she learned from George Ramos, Lena Farkas, Lorraine Adams, Nellie Lord and Ted Valle in Yakutat, Alaska. Amanda received her Type-M Temporary Teaching Certificate from the State of Alaska and taught Lingít Language and Culture at the Yakutat School District alongside fluent speaker Fred White from 2008-2010. Amanda was the Cultural Heritage Director at the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe for 5 years, overseeing a Lingít Language Curriculum Development project awarded from the Administration for Native Americans. During this project she facilitated the development of 12 books, 12 videos and one-year of curriculum designed for early childhood education.

Benjamin Schleifman is Ishkitaan from the Taku River in Juneau, Alaska. Benjamin is most known for his traditional Lingít art of carving metal and wood. Benjamin is a full-time artist who has been creating and teaching art for the last 15 years at the Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Native Charter School in Anchorage, Alaska. Benjamin apprenticed under his uncles Keni Jackson and Jim Schoppert. Benjamin was honored with a Visionary Award from the Alaska Native Heritage Month committee in 2012.

When their son Nathan began walking and talking, they saw a need for in-home Lingít language learning materials for toddlers and preschoolers. A need they both have the capabilities to fulfill.


Gunalchéesh for being here and supporting our family and our dream.

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